What would you do?

Stop struggling, ask your questions, and receive immediate feedback from Helpers who will help you make the right decision.

HelpMe will make it possible for you to make up your mind faster and give your opinion in seconds.

How do Helps work?

It's easy. Ask yourself a question. Represent it with one or two pictures and text. Hold your breath for just a second. Helpers vote. Breathe out. The results come up. Now you know the right choice!

Are you down or not?

By giving your opinion, you can become a Helper. Your advice is wanted, you are the life of the party. Basically, everyone is thankful for you. But don't worry about it, if you don't want to vote on a Help, swipe and go to the next one.

From one Help to another

As a free mobile application that helps you make the right choice, Helpme resolves real life problems. I mean, almost… So, to show the most recent or most popular Helps, use the filters.